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Description: This Utility crops newspaper pdf pages that are too wide to print on standard printers. Most newspaper pages here are 14 inches wide x 22 inches long. Standard printers use 8.5 inches wide paper. These printers shrink the 14 inch wide pdf page to 8.5 inches, making the output difficult to read. See Help.

This Crop Utility enables the user to create an 8.5 inch wide slice of the newspaper pdf page such that it can be printed legibly. This utility is available for years 2005 and onward.

The user provides Input Week and file number desired for cropping. Click "Show" button to make sure you have the correct file. Newspaper page numbers do not correspond with this. Trial and error may be required. Normally, links to the individual pages are provided on the weekly web page.
tool, View Weeks Published enter year (4-digits)

Example URL => (Week=>17feb09, file number=>16)
Input Week (ex: 17feb09) Input file number (ex: 01..09.10...) (verify your Input)

Output Width & Vertical Offset - See this illustration
Columns to be included in the output (The newspaper is 6 columns wide. You must select a set of 4 columns).
Choose Columns
[1-4] [2-5] [3-6]
Start Crop Vertical Position, Top is the default 0.0 inches
Move the Crop Start Down (optional)
go down inches go down tenths-inches
Select printer paper
Choose Paper [regular, 8.5x11] [legal, 8.5x14] [full length, 8.5x22]
Provide your contact information
<= Your email
<= Your First Name
<= Your Last Name

This Utility will Crop the file requested and in a few minutes send you an email to download your file.

PDFCROP 1.38, 2012/11/02 - Copyright (c) 2002-2012 by Heiko Oberdiek.

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