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Inaugural Issue of The Leader on the Internet (12/31/96)

"Our Dreams are Yours"

Thank you for visiting our debut on the Internet. Over the next few weeks, we’ve limited our goals to daily postings of local news and stories on this site. Bigger things are in the works. However, we’re still unpacking boxes, reading manuals, configuring and connecting wires; enmeshed in the learning curve.

We're working in cooperation with our friends at the Quintillion Division of AT&T Research. Quintillion is on the web with a thriving Westfield business directory. Now we are joining our efforts to create a joint Westfield site that will provide both timely local information and a wealth of communications.

Our efforts are dedicated to “Empowering Others”. We have dreams. Join your dreams with us as we grow.

In Westfield, NJ we are fortunate. Our charming colonial town is bustling with energy, filled with tradition and steered by good hearts. The Town is lifted by volunteers and is fueled with outstanding talent. Our society is rich and varied. Here, one can dare to dream, mix hope with faith, find the tools for hard work and succeed in all fields of human endeavor. It’s just a nice place.

For 107 years, The Westfield Leader newspaper has been serving the community. I’m sure back then, the staff faced many challenges and worked hard into the night. Of course, the Internet was not on their minds. As little as a year ago, it wasn’t on ours either. Learning, changing, creating and doing is a way of life. It’s in this spirit that we mobilize, involve all those in our community and reach out to the world with this extraordinary and enigmatic new medium, the Internet.

In January, we’re opening the Downtown Technology Club in the loft area above our newspaper office on Elm and Quimby streets. We're placing furniture and computer equipment now. This should become a think tank and social center for "geeks" and "suits" with sort of a coffee club cult atmosphere. All kinds of neat things are hoped for here; for individuals, for the town, ultimately for the newspaper and for this Internet site.

The Club is “Dedicated to Empowering Others” and is open to all as volunteers, students, friends, organizations, the curious, housewives, seniors, business, etc.; for the love of it.

I think that all that want to jump on board this opportunity will be rewarded, will have great fun, will find it to be creative, a lot of work, who knows what else. At the moment, there are no rules; other than to avoid complete chaos.

Finally. we’re not bashful about accepting help. I assure you we can use it; from paint brushes and electric sockets to advertising, contributors and expertise. The Plan is simple, learn from what has been right for over a hundred years and move forward to the next millennium.


Horace Corbin, Publisher

The Westfield Leader

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