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Mayors Past and Present Comment on the Internet

Message from Outgoing Mayor Garland "Bud" Boothe

Dear friends at the Leader,

My best wishes to you and yourpublications as you embark on electronic publication and interaction for the Westfield community in 1997!

The Internet, with accessibility from all points of the world and, I assume, even in space, will provide new opportunities for the universe to learn more about Westfield. Also, our residents will learn more about themselves, Westfield organizations and events, and their world.

It is very appropriate that The Leader, the primary source of Westfield area news for over a century, should be in the forefront of this development.

The startup and growth of electronic publishing will be remembered in future years as an event of significance along with the invention of moveable type and the computer itself.

Garland "Bud" Boothe
Mayor, Town of Westfield 1992-1996


Westfield Mayor Tom Jardim Speaks about the Internet

"Much has been said about the promises of the Internet - about its potential to link people worlds apart, to put unlimited sources of information at one's fingertips and to provide new generations with an educational, interactive alternative to television.

Whether or not these promises, and others, will be fulfilled remains to be seen. What the Internet surely does deliver, however, is the opportunity for citizens to be better informed about their towns in which they live; to be able to communicate more effectively with their local governments; and to provide a shared understanding of the values and direction of their towns. In short, the Internet has the potential to create stronger and more vibrant communities.

"By launching its Internet project, the Westfield Leader is demonstrating it commitment to a stronger and more vibrant Westfield. On behalf of the Westfield Town government, I congratulate the Leader on taking this bold step into the future and for continuing to display its long-standing dedication to this community. I look forward to "surfing the Net" from the Leader's new Internet Center and interacting (virtually and otherwise) with the residents of this great community."

Tom Jardim, Mayor of Westfield

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