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 Westfield Clockmeister, John Panosh, Advises That Town Clock Is "Off-Line" For Tower Repairs Until Spring

Subj: Town Clock "off line" temporarily
Date: 98-01-27 22:20:41 EST

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January 27, 1998
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"Town Clock Temporarily Stopped"

For over a century the Town Clock, which overlooks the Memorial Plaza from the First United Methodist Church, has been a faithful timepiece to those who drive or walk along Broad Street and North Avenue. Recently restored, the 1886 E. Howard clock was rededicated in 1994 for the Westfield Bicentennial celebration. This great "grandfather clock" has rested in two towers during its lifetime. It was in 1910 that the clock and the large bell, that tolls the hour, were moved to the, then, new church tower. Over the years and into 1998, people have depended on the clock when shopping in downtown Westfield, or as they rush to catch their trains or busses. Since the restoration, the Town Clock has been as accurate as most wrist watches-digital or analog. Rarely does the clock vary by more than a minute. But when it has not been on time, some residents have contacted John R. Panosh, the Town Bell Master and restorer of the clock, with a plea to "please correct the time."

During December, 1997, the clock was halted, dials were disconnected, and the clockworks were covered to permit needed repairs to the tower that surrounds the clockworks and bell. Although not visible from the street, contractors have been busy preparing the interior tower walls to install steel bracing beams.

For decades the weather, wind, and elements have slowly taken their toll. The bracing, when completed, will keep the tower from shifting and will further prevent cracks in the expansive walls that form the four sides of the tower. Pointing of the masonry will keep moisture from the tower interior, thus keeping the clock mechanism and bell dry for years
to come.

For the die-hard clock watchers and those citizens who perhaps believe that an ill fate has beset the Town Clock, there is a silver lining. When the construction is finished, mostly likely by the spring of 1998, the brilliant hands will again circle the dials to keep Westfield on "Town Clock time."


Regards, John R. Panosh,PCM Tower Clock Restorations, Scotch Plains, NJ
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