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A WATCHUNG COMMUNICATIONS, INC. PUBLICATION The Westfield Leader and THE TIMES of Scotch Plains – Fanwood Thursday, August 5, 1999 Page 3

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Recreation Commission Director Reports on Upgrades of Parks By MELISSA A. BETKOWSKI

Specially Written for The Westfield Leader

WESTFIELD — Glenn S. Burrell, Director of the Westfield Recreation Department, discussed plans this week for renovating 10 town parks in conjunction with monies obtained from1998 UnionCountyPocketPark grants.

The town was awarded $117,500 last year from the program initiated by the Union County Board of Chosen Freeholders. The town has appropriated the same amount as part of the dollar-for-dollar matching grant program.

Mr. Burrell said, in discussing projects fundedthroughtheprogram, that work is currently in progress at Sycamore Field to renovate the playing surface and the playground. The field is being stripped and re-graded, anirrigation systemisbeinginstalled and the field will be re-sodded.

Mr.Burrellalso saidthatthewoods surrounding the field would be cleaned and the playground area would be improved.

A contract has been awarded to Scirica & Sons of Lyndhurst for the construction of a 30x60 foot picnic shelter at Tamaques Park. The area would be available for group picnics and other programs. Construction is scheduled to begin after Labor Day.

Also planned for Tamaques Park are improvements to the restroom

facilities. Mr. Burrell said that the restrooms adjacent to the shuffleboard and parking area would be closed and replaced with a new facility, while the other restroom building in the park would be improved.

Money from the 1998 Union County Pocket Parks Grant recently financed improvements at the Lincoln School playground, Mr. Burrell said.

The Recreation Commission is currently exploring options for Brightwood Park, including the possibility of creating a playing field at the park. A recently conducted preliminary investigation, did not rule out the possibility of a playing field at the park, Mr. Burrell said.

He added that the picnic area of the park would be improved, by adding new picnic tables and cookout sites.

Plans have been drawn up for the constructionof astructureatGumbert Park which would house men's and women's restrooms,storageareasand an area, Mr. Burrell said, has been earmarked for the possibility of a concessions area. Currently, the logistics of the concessions are being worked out.

Mr. Burrell also discussed a master plan that had been developed for improvements toMemorialPark.The plan, which will be introduced to the public in September, calls for restrooms to be added, as well as

improvements to the fields, the creation of a basketball court, roller hockey rink and a walking/jogging path.

Westfield has received paper work to complete in order to receive $100,000 for this year's Pocket Program. Included in the 1999 requests for the 1999 program are plans for improvements to: Mindowaskin Park, Clark Park and a pocket park on Central Avenue, and for the creation of a Paul Robeson Memorial Park at Waterson Street and Rahway Avenue. Also addressed were necessary improvements at the Westfield Memorial Pool.

Mr. Burrell said that the diving tank at the pool complex is in need of repair. A possibility that the Recreation Commission is considering is eliminating the diving tank entirely, he said. In its place, a separate competition pool would be created, as well as an adult leisure pool.

This plan, Mr. Burrell said, would "change the scope of the complex." With the recent issue of crowding at the pool complex, Mr. Burrell said, "the reality of it is by doing these renovations we would be able to accommodate more people."

The pool's membership has hit 1,900 families, the highest in the nearly 20-year history of the pool, resulting in a sellout of pool permits for the summer.


METUCHEN Proposed Charter For The Westfield TV Board

Editor's Note: The Westfield TV Media Advisory Committee, working with Town Councilman Neil Sullivan as liaison, developed this plan for the formation of The Westfield TV Media Board. The advisory committee was formed in April by Mayor Thomas C. Jardim to provide recommendations to revamp the community TV. The proposal will be presented to the full Town Council for consideration starting on August 3.

* * * * *

Premise: Westfieldwantsitscommunity TV to be the best it can be commensurate withpublicandgovernment agreement to the costs and value. Westfield strives for quality, integrity and appeal for the media. Public funds will be employed for operations. The enterprise will be non-profit and not for profit.

An effective and accessible operation shall be created for airing content produced by the public or for the public. A baseline of content shall be produced and broadcast including education, government and public service announcements. Content will embody the diverse culture and activities of Westfield and the surrounding area. This policy brings with it all associated benefits, freedoms and obligations. Content will be unrestricted but subject to prohibitions regarding libel, obscenity,copyright,andcommercial use.


"Serve, Educate and Entertain" WTV shall promote the productionofcreative contentofothersfor airing to include talk shows, community events, arts, music, history, cultural, sports,generalinterestand like material. WTV shall create and establish community announcement and emergency response airing capabilities and service. WTV shall earn the public trust. WTV shall create society bridges and develop interest for its operations via quality programming. WTV shall serve as the community advocate for local TV.

Charter: The WTV Board of Directors shall be created. The Board members initially shall be establishedby theWestfieldTownCouncil. The Board shall consist of nine directors serving terms initially as: three members for one year, three members for two years and three members for three years. Thereafter, new members shall be chosen by the Board for terms of three years each from a list as determined by the nominating committee.TheBoard shallincludeamember of the Westfield Town Council and a member of the Westfield Board of Education. The nominating committee shall consist of the Mayor, a representative of the public school system and three "at large" members as selected by The Board. The Board shall elect its Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer; each of whom shall serve two year terms. The Board shall establish by-laws and operating procedures.

The Board shall create WTV as the operating organization. WTV shall be an independent, non profit organization fully authorized to conduct business and to enter into contracts. WTV shall manage and administer all Westfield TV activities. WTV and The Board shall be in continuous existence except as

may be otherwise determined by act of the Westfield Town Council.

The WTV Board of Directors shall serve as community advocate for Westfield TV and like media contracts such as with cable and other providers. This advocacy shall apply to advising the Town Council on contracts that currently exist or that may be entered into in the future by the Town of Westfield. The Westfield Town Council reserves all rights and duties with respect to these contracts.

The WTV Board shall determine WTV policy, oversee resources and hiring of management. WTV management shall administer the functions of the WTV operations. WTV and The Board shall promote the media for the public good. The WTV Board shall install WTV management for administrating the enterprise and the funds. As allowed by law,WTV shallprocurefundingfrom public agencies, donations, gifts and other sources.

WTV shall operate in a business enterprise fashion and will not function as a government agency. WTV shall publish an annual report available to the public. Copies of all annual reports of WTV shall be maintained in the Westfield Public Library.

Financial And Operations: WTV shall be capitalized in the amount of $50,000 by The Town of Westfield. WTV shall receive annual operating stipends from the Town of Westfield in the amount equal to net revenues received by the Town from cable TV and like providers (This amount in 1999 is approximately $55,000 per year). WTV shall receive other revenues as may be agreed to with other agencies, public and non profit organizations. WTV may solicit and receive gifts and donations from all sectors of society and business as permitted by law. As appropriate and allowed by law, WTV may collect fees for services.

Within 6 months of formation, WTV shall establish and maintain a permanent place of business and an operating staff. The place of business shallbefreely accessibletothepublic inthetown ofWestfield.WTV,within this period, shall create written plans, budgets and by-laws. WTV shall update and amend these documents in writing at times it sees fit. Within thirty days of enactment of documents, up to date copies of such shall be placed in the Westfield Public Library.

WTV shall create and follow a one year and a three year business plan in writing. These plans shall be correspondingly updated annually.

In current perspective, the one year plan and goals shall be generally as shown below.

One Year Plan (Organize the personnel, committees and content schedules.):

1. Hire staff and establish place of business with all operating necessities.

2. AccommodatePublicSchoolTV operations.

3. Invest the capital and create production capabilities.

4. Produce baseline content and assist others.

5. Establish the framework for airing productions by others.

6. Produce regularly and respond to public feedback.

7. Enlist, organize and train volunteers.

8. Plan for the future. 9. Enhance financial resources

and plans. 10. Initiate advocacy review and plans.

Narrative: In the first year, WTV shall establish regular business operations in the Town with baseline content to include Town Council and other such meetings. Productions will be taped and aired until suchtime thatliveproductionsmay become suitable. The baseline content of WTV shall also provide for the airing of productions of the Westfield High School and the Westfield Board of Education.

WTV shall hire staff for the operations. WTV shall organize volunteers from a broad cross-section of the community to supplement operations. WTV shall procure and bring into operation the necessary equipment for the regular production needs in its Westfield office. A feed point to media distribution network(s) fortheproductionsshall be established at WTV's place of operation.

WTV shall air public material as created on video tape by others, in that such material is not for profit and fits the guidelines for community TV.

WTV shall initiate its community advocacy activities by reviewing existing contracts and working arrangements. WTV shall solicit public comment and review media alternatives and trends.

WTV shall operate within its budget constraints. The budget for year one is envisioned to be:

Capital Input: $50,000 (capital receipt from Comcast agreement) and $25,000 (estimated to be from other startup donations).

Operating Input: $55,000 (annual Town stipend from Comcast agreement).

Capital Expenditure: $40,000 to $60,000 first year with remainder later (details and timing per design group determination).

Salary: $40,000 (WTV Director).

Rent and Expenses: $15,000 Within three months of establishment, WTV shall create a three yearplan forBoardapproval.WTV shall operate according to its business plans. Changes to plans shall be kept current and in writing. Plans shall be available for review by the public.

By: The Westfield TV Media AdvisoryCommittee,July28,1999

ElanArbitsman,DebbyBurslem, Horace Corbin,PhilFalcone,Steve Gorelick, Rita Kessler, Lorre Korecky, Bill McMeekan, Eileen O'Donnell, Tom Repasch, Donna Rothstein, Ted Schlosberg, Bill Shafer, Mitch Slater, Joseph Spector, Neil Sullivan, Eli Tishberg, Darryl Walker and Darielle Walsh.

Rotary International Official Convenes With Rotary Club of Westfield

WESTFIELD — Rotary International Assistant Governor Marsha Carldon, acting on behalf of district Governor Kenneth G. Tillman, met with the Westfield Rotary Club Board of Directors to review the club plans for the Rotary year 1999-2000 after presenting a banner on this year's theme.

Ms.CarldonpraisedWestfield Rotarians for their efforts to live up to Rotary's motto of "Service Above Self" and to the Rotary four-way test which reads as follows: "First: Is it the truth? Second: Is it fair to all concerned? Third: Will it build goodwillandbetterfriendships? Fourth: Will it be beneficial to all concerned?"

As examples of Rotary's programs to serve Westfield community the Assistant Governor commented on Westfield Rotary Club's continuing disbursement

of scholarships to Westfield students. This program, after 59 years, has given financial aid totaling

$1,391,900 in more than 1,300 grants.

In June 1999 annual grants reached $100,000for thefirsttime.Funds are collected in the Westfield RotaryClubFoundationthrough investments. Rotary's annual Pancake Day, the Humanitarian of the Year Dinner and other contributions from Rotary Club members.

Westfield Rotary Club also contributes to the community through various programs including youth-in-business Day, Pedals for Progress, Save-AChild (Thailand) and distributed $10,000 this year to various Westfield service organizations. The club also organizes Junior Rotary Clubs.

Rotary International is an organization of over 1.1 million business and professional men and women in 29,000 clubs in 161 countries worldwide.

ROTARY BANNER…Westfield Rotary Club President Dr. William B. Bonsall is shown receiving a banner from Rotary Assistant Governor Marsha Carldon at last week's regular Rotary meeting. The banner calls all members to this year's Rotary international theme, "Rotary 2000: Act with Consistency, Credibility, Continuity."