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A WATCHUNG COMMUNICATIONS, INC. PUBLICATION The Westfield Leader and THE TIMES of Scotch Plains - Fanwood Thursday, October 28, 1999 Page 37


Colonial Funerals Explored At MillerCory House Oct. 31 CHANGE OF SEASONS… With the beginning of a new season at the MillerCory

House Museum, located at 614 Mountain Avenue in Westfield, Christine Glazer, outgoing President of the Volunteers, turns over to Thomas Sherry the position of guiding this active volunteer organization for the next two years.

WESTFIELD – “Final Respects,” a program on Colonial funerals will be presented by Joan Barna of Scotch Plains on Sunday, October 31, from 2 to 5 p. m. at the MillerCory House Museum. The museum is located at 614 Mountain Avenue in Westfield.

Sickness, disease and death were accepted in the 18th century. Infant mortality was 50 percent and adult

life expectancy was 30 to 35 years. Visitors will learn about 18th century funeral customs, superstitions and rituals, some of which are still practiced today.

The MillerCory House is a living museum featuring a fully furnished 1740 farm house. Volunteers dressed in authentic period costumes regale visitors with stories of that time period while conducting tours of the house. Members of the cooking committee will demonstrate open hearth cooking using authentic early American recipes and cooking techniques.

The museum’s gift shop is filled with Colonial reproduction items including dried foods, teas, cookbooks and reading materials.

On Sunday, November 7, the museum will celebrate its annual “Apple Bee” with a demonstration of cider making with a handworked cider press.

Admission to the museum is $2 for adults and 50 cents for students. Children under six years of age are free. Information about the museum and its upcoming schedule of events may be obtained by calling the museum office at (908) 2321776.

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Mr. Isoldi to Once Again Chair United Fund Business Division

WESTFIELD — The Business Division for the Westfield United Fund is being chaired for a second year by Frank Isoldi, it was announced recently by General Campaign Chairwoman and Westfield Board of Education President Darielle Walsh.

“Their goal of $26,206 should be reached by convincing the local merchants and business people that they

have a vested interest in this town,” Mrs. Walsh stated.

“If each of the 26,733 businesses in town pledges just $1 per week, Mr. Isoldi will easily surpass his goal,” she added.

Mr. Isoldi is a Westfield High School alumnus, a local businessman and lifelong town resident. He holds a degree in economics from Drew University in Madison.

The owner of Isoldi Associates Real Estate, Mr. Isoldi sits on the Board of Directors of the Westfield Board of Realtors. He is a member of the United Fund of Westfield Board of Trustees and also serves on the

Board of Trustees of the Bobby Fund. Mr. Isoldi is an active member of the Rotary Club of Westfield and UNICO, and was named Realtor of the year.

“As a part of the United Fund team, I am excited to be able to put my energies behind such a worthwhile effort that benefits both individuals and the entire Westfield community alike,” noted Mr. Isoldi.

“Stressing our campaign theme, ‘Westfield, A Community United by Caring, ’ we are asking Westfield businesses to give because we know they care about the town and its residents,” he continued. “Caring is everybody’s business — and smart business, too.

“We hope each business will consider a minimum pledge of $50 this year — if equally divided among our 21 agencies, that’s less than $2.50 per agency,” explained Mr. Isoldi in a letter to the community.

“We know that many organizations are soliciting your business for a variety of causes throughout the year; however, please consider the 21 agencies and thousands of people who benefit from your one gift. We ask for that support only once a year, and that time is now,” he added.

The United Fund office is located at the northside train station, 301 North Avenue, West. For information on the United Fund, please call Linda Maggio, Executive Director, at (908) 2332113.

Chief of Police Offers Tips To Ensure a Safe Halloween

WESTFIELD — With Halloween quickly approaching, Westfield Police Chief Anthony J. Scutti has issued some important safety tips to residents and parents to help make this Halloween a safe one.

· Children should always be accompanied by an adult, trick or treat during daylight hours and stay within their own neighborhoods. If that is not possible, and children are out after dark, a flashlight should be carried or reflective tape affixed to their costumes.

· Children should walk on sidewalks where possible and never run out from between parked cars.

· Costumes should allow for freedom of movement, especially when going up and down stairs. They should also be flameresistant.

A “cosmetic mask” rather than a stiff face mask should be worn. If face masks are worn, parents should be certain it has large enough holes for the eyes and that it cannot slip to cloud the child’s vision.

· Make props such as magic wands and swords out of cardboard, rather than metal or wood.

· Children should be reminded to stay out of piles of leaves which may be in the street, since the leaves can hide children from motorists’ view. Motorists should be extra cautious and be alert for children caught up in the excitement of the day.

· All candy and treats received should be examined by an adult before eating to assure there are no foreign objects in it. All loose, unwrapped candy should be discarded.

Residents can also keep Halloween safe for children by making certain that all debris, leaves and flowers are cleared away from steps so there is clear access to the front door. Keep porch lights on and jackolanterns away from front door traffic.

Parenting Meeting Set By La Leche League

WESTFIELD — The La Leche League of Westfield has formed a new support group for parenting toddlers.

Meeting topics will rotate among the following: Nighttime Parenting, Whole Foods for the Whole Family, Discipline — Loving Guidance, Playful Learning, Supportive Husband/ Nurturing Dad, Parenting Two or More.

Meetings are held downstairs at the Scotch Plains Public Library on the first Wednesday of each month at 10: 15 a. m. The next meeting will be held on November 3.

For more information, please call Sharon London at (908) 8890010 or Chrissy Alba at (908) 6531598.

Arc of Union County Holds Annual Garage Sale Nov. 13

NEW PROVIDENCE — The Arc of Union County will hold its 24th annual garage sale on Saturday, November 13, from 9 a. m. to 3 p. m. at the Lincoln Municipal Complex on Academy Street in New Providence.

Proceeds will benefit the notforprofit agency that provides programs and services to more than 700 individuals with developmental disabilities and their families in Union County.

Items for sale include clothes, antiques, tools, baby items, electronics, hobbies and toys. Donations of new and slightly used items are welcome and may be dropped off Friday, November 12, from noon to 8 p. m. at the Lincoln Municipal Complex.

The Arc of Union County provides residential services, vocational services, transportation, educational

services, childcare services and family support for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.

It maintains 19 group homes, five work centers, two child development centers, a private school, a summer day camp and five special needs adult day programs including an adult medical day care program.

For more information about the garage sale, please call (908) 4641663 or for more information about the Arc’s services and programs, please call (908) 7547826.

HIGH AWARD… Eleven scouts from Troops Nos. 430 and 482 in Westfield recently received their Silver Award from the Washington Rock Girl Scout Council during a ceremony at the Presbyterian Church of Westfield. This award is the second highest award in Girl Scouting and is the highest award achievable as a Cadet Scout. Pictured, left to right, are: top row; Sara Ackeman, Brigid Abraham and Shannon Gilmartin; bottom row: Kasey Cass, Christine McGrath, Kate Lechner, Amanda Schneider, Cristine Velazco and Kimberly Jacob. The girls are now Senior Scouts under the leadership of Malissa Cass, Kathy Gilmartin and Allison Jacob.

VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE November 2 November 2 November 2 November 2 November 2

Historical Society to Discuss Lives of American Presidents

WESTFIELD — Oddities and curiosities in the lives of America’s presidents will be the subject of a talk by Nat Bodian at the First Wednesday luncheon of the Westfield Historical Society at noon on Wednesday, November 3, at B. G. Fields Restaurant in Westfield.

Mr. Bodian is a member of the society, author of 11 books, and has spoken at previous society meetings.

Three months of research in preparation for this talk have convinced Mr. Bodian that the information collected is worth putting together as his 12th book, which is now being written.

The little known bits of information on the lives, careers and families of the 41 presidents, he found, shed new light on their unique milestones in American history.

The talk will be in two parts, the first on oddities of each president, the second on comparisons of their lifestyles, personal characteristics and notable incidents.

The presidential oddities will reveal the nation’s leaders who never went to school, made his own inauguration suit, had been a hangman, invented the swivel chair, com manded a submarine, had been a

prisoner of war, was a Boy Scout, was a Rhodes Scholar, was a 33rd Degree Mason and became a sworn enemy of the United States after leaving office.

Presidential wives will be noticed such as the youngest to marry, the wife who hung her laundry in the White House, those who had Mayflower Ancestry, founded the Daughters of the American Revolution, was the first to be called “First Lady” and was the oldest to become a First Lady.

Mr. Bodian’s latest book is “The Joy of Publishing: Fascinating Facts, Anecdotes, Curiosities and Origins about Books and Authors.” His most recent talk at the First Wednesday luncheon was in July on “The Life and Times of Longy Zwillman.”

Regular attendees at the First Wednesday luncheon will be contacted by a committee of the historical society to verify their reservations.

Space permitting, others are welcome to attend by calling (908) 2332930 before noon on Monday, November 1, for seating information.

Three to be Honored By Toastmasters At Meeting Tonight

WESTFIELD — Three members of Toastmasters of Westfield will receive the “Competent Toastmaster” (CTM) award by completing their 10th speech during the club’s meeting tonight, Thursday, October 28, from 7: 45 until 9: 30 p. m. at Sunrise of Westfield, 240 Springfield Avenue in Westfield.

The speakers are Jim Van de Water of Maplewood, Anne Baker of Westfield and Max Florville of Metuchen. To achieve “CTM” status, each member must complete 10 speech projects designed to develop speaking skills one step at a time.

Anyone interested in improving his or her public speaking and leadership skills is invited to attend tonight’s meeting. Toastmasters of Westfield meets the first, second and fourth Thursdays of each month and is always open to the public.

Tonight’s Toastmaster will be Phil Muncasy of South Bound Brook. Steve Bacque of Linden will give the Opener and the Topics Master will be Debbie Krajcik of Cranford. Master Evaluator will be Todd Schwartz of Scotch Plains. Debi Young of Westfield will be in the “Hot Seat.”

Evaluators will be Bill Hetfield of Plainfield and Fontaine Gatti and Noel Crawford, both of Mountainside.

Timer will be Ed Cruikshank of Westfield. Grammarian will be Linda Swantek of Clark. The “Ah Counter” will be Fran Linn of Westfield.

For additional information about Toastmasters of Westfield, individuals may access www. westfieldnj. com/ toast or call (908) 6549757.

Annual Coat Drive Set By Woman’s Club

WESTFIELD — The Junior Woman’s Club of Westfield will hold its second annual coat drive at the Westfield Public Library from today, Thursday, November 4, to Saturday, November 6.

Please bring clean, gentlyused or new coats to the library during regular operating hours. A collection bin will be located in the main lobby. Coats will then be distributed to local families in need.

Coats will not be accepted past November 6. Other articles of clothing will not be accepted.

For more information, please call (908) 2328630.

Foothill Club to Meet At Local Restaurant November 4 at Noon

MOUNTAINSIDE — The Foothill Club of Mountainside will meet on Thursday, November 4, at noon at B. G. Fields Restaurant in Westfield.

Dorothy Bargholz, Director of Consumer Affairs for the State of New Jersey, will present the meeting program, entitled “Beware of Fraud.”

Club members are asked to bring food donations for Thanksgiving baskets to be given to needy families in the community.

For a lunch reservation, please call Genevieve at (908) 2323626. Guests are always welcome.

Frank Isoldi
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