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A WATCHUNG COMMUNICATIONS, INC. PUBLICATION The Westfield Leader and THE TIMES of Scotch Plains - Fanwood Thursday, September 30, 1999 Page 5


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Campaign Forum ’99

REACHING A MILESTONE… The Fanwood Memorial Library introduced its new Online Public Library Services on September 18. On hand for marking the milestone and pictured, left to right, are: Fanwood Borough Council President William E. Populus, Jr.; Recreation Commissioner Patricia Plante; Union County Freeholder Linda d. Stender; Fanwood Mayor Maryanne S. Connelly; Cultural Arts Committee Director Adele Kenny, and Fanwood Memorial Library Director Daniel Weiss. Councilman Populus is the Democratic candidate for Mayor of Fanwood in the November 2 election. Ms. Plante and Ms. Kenny are the Democratic candidates for the Fanwood Borough Council. Freeholder Stender, a former Mayor of Fanwood, is running on the Democratic ticket for reelection to the Union County Board of Chosen Freeholders. Mayor Connelly is not seeking reelection.

More Campaign News on Page 7

Mr. Jung Says Fanwood Should Coordinate Efforts

On Emergencies With SP

FANWOOD – “The recent unwelcome visit to New Jersey by Hurricane Floyd brings to mind the statement mademany yearsagobyMayor Daley of Chicago that ‘there is no Republicanor Democratwayofpicking upthetrash orclearingthesnow’” said Republican Borough Councilman and Mayoral candidate Louis C. Jung.

“During my doortodoor visits to meet the voters in the weekend following the storm, many expressed a desire for the borough to provide better coordination of emergency services for those in need of such services,” he said.

“We must recognize that the agencies of government cannot do everything, but we should review all of the procedures that are in place to address a storm of this magnitude,” said Mr. Jung.

“I believe that we should coordinate our efforts with our friends and neighbors in Scotch Plains and especially with the charitable and nonprofit organizations, and with the many churches and synagogues. We should also enlist the efforts of such organizations as the Boy Scouts and

Girl Scouts. “I do not see this as an effort where an agency of government will lead, but one where we can learn with others how we might all work more effectively in coping with a disaster of this kind,” Mr. Jung stated.

He added that, “If I become mayor, I will call for a meeting of the emergency services of Fanwood and Scotch Plains and work to involve the churches and other volunteer organizations of our two municipalities.”

Republican Councilman Stuart S. Kline, who is running for reelection, welcomed Mr. Jung’s initiative and stated, “It is clear to me that no one is looking for a handout, but Floydgavemany peopleagoodfright, and they want to know that a safety net of some kind is in place to help them make it through any potential disaster.”

Thomas P. Ryan, Jr., who as a council candidatecompletesthe1999 Republican ticket, stated “that this is the kind of private and public initiative that has so impressed me about Fanwood. No one can foresee all the problems that we may possibly face, but a thorough review of our current plans, along with inclusion of volunteer groups, can go a long way towards alleviating the problems that people may face as a result of unwanted visitors such as Floyd.”

Philip Wiener Supports Open Space Trust Fund

SCOTCH PLAINS — Philip Wiener, the Democratic candidate forthe ScotchPlainsTownshipCouncil, has expressed, “total support for the passage of the open space referendum that will appear on this November’s election ballot.”

“This is something long overdue in Scotch Plains,” he added.

Mr. Wiener explained that, “The referendum, if passed, will authorize the establishment of a local trust fundfor theacquisitionandimprovement of open spaces. This will permit the setting aside of precious open spaceand improvementofsomepublicly acquired and other public open space for recreational purposes.”

“Passive parks, nature trails, baseball and soccer fields, and other quality of life opportunities will be available to local residents for generations to come,” the candidate continued in his weekly campaign release. “The trust fund,” reported Mr. Wiener, “will be funded through a twopenny addition to the tax rate totally dedicated to the trust fund. These funds cannot be diverted to any other purpose. This plan would raise $187,000 annually in dedicated revenues. After 10 years, the trust fund expires. Voters then can determine if they wish to establish another such fund.”

Mr. Wiener added, “This special ballot question is just one more example of the foresight and courage beingdisplayed bythepresentDemocratic administration to preserve the qualityoflife inScotchPlainsthrough the acquisition and improvement of open space. The administration placed more funds in this year’s municipal budget to address parks and recreational needs.”

“Additionally, this administration obtained a $100,000 Pocket Park matching grant from county government for further improvement of the township’s parks,” Mr. Wiener said in concluding in his remarks.

Mr. Wiener will face Republican Frank Rossi in November. Both candidates are vying for the council seat that was previously held by the late Franklin Donatelli. Mr. Donatelli died in May and was replaced on the council by his wife, Lorraine.

The Tuesday, November 2, election will determine which party has the majority in 2000. Prior to last year, when the Democrats swept all three seats, the GOP had been in control for 24 years.

Assemblyman Bagger to Hold Annual Brunch October 10

WESTFIELD — Assemblyman Richard H. Bagger of Westfield (R22nd), who chairs the Appropriations Committee in the New Jersey General Assembly, will host his annual campaign brunch on Sunday, October 10.

The event will be held from 11: 30 a. m. to 1: 30 p. m. at L’Affaire Restaurant located at 1099 Route 22, East, in Mountainside. The public is invited.

Tickets are available at $50 per person by calling (908) 6545507.

Among those who have been invited to attend the brunch are Congressman Bob Franks (R7th), State Senate President Donald T. DiFrancesco of Scotch Plains (R 22nd), Assembly Speaker Jack

Collins (R3rd), Assembly Majority LeaderPaulDiGaetano(R36th),Assemblyman Alan M. Augustine of Scotch Plains and Chuck Haytaian, Chairman of the New Jersey Republican Party.

The Seventh Congressional and the 22ndLegislativeDistrictsinclude Westfield, Scotch Plains, Fanwood and Mountainside.

Republican leaders and elected officials from Union, Somerset, Morris and Middlesex Counties, and GOP candidates on the November election ballot are also expected to attend.

GOP Freeholder Candidates Call for County Car Audit

ELIZABETH — The Republican candidates for the Union County Board of Chosen Freeholders this week called for an audit of the use of county cars, with an eye toward cutting back the number of vehicles.

Candidates Al Dill of Summit, Richard Revilla of Elizabeth and Wally Shackell of Cranford said the audit should determine who is using a county car and the reason for such use.

“The taxpayers of Union County are footing the bill for too many cars,” Mr. Dill declared. “A genuine audit would ascertain whether there is a valid reason for county officials or employees to have taxpayerfinanced automobiles.”

Mr. Revilla noted that many companies in the private sector ask their employees to use their own vehicles and keep a log.

“Then the employees are compensated fairly for the miles they actually drive on legitimate company business,” Mr. Revilla said. “There is no reason why county officials or employees who require vehicles for occasional use on county business should have fulltime access to cars thatUnion Countytaxpayersaresubsidizing.”

Mr. Shackell, a former Cranford Mayor,saidthat thecountyshouldbe operated on a businesslike basis.

“We could save hundreds of thousands of dollars by curtailing this very expensive fringe benefit,” he asserted. “The taxpayers of Union County do not, in the overwhelming majority of cases, have access to cars paid for by someone else for comCall muting to and from work. If a county

employee drives a car to the (Union County)courthouse andleavesitthere all day and then drives it back home, that is an abuse that should be stopped.”

The GOP trio, in their weekly campaign release, said auto usage is out of hand because the allDemocratic Board of Freeholders has no interest in cutting back.

“They have no watchdogs looking over their shoulders,” the Republican candidates declared. “A minority presence to keep an eye on an unchallenged majority is not only a good idea, it is the best way to efficient and economical government in Union County.”

Mountainside Democratic Campaign Committee Formed for Mr. Brociner

MOUNTAINSIDE — The Mountainside Democratic Club has announced the formation of a campaign committee for Democratic Borough Council candidate Steve Brociner of Saddle Brook Road.

The committee will be headed by Lou Thomas,Chairman,andMichael Krasner, Treasurer. Serving on the committee are Karen MacQueen, Carole Cahill, John Shackelford, Phyllis BrocinerandScottSchmedel. They will handle campaign coordination, publicity and literature.

The committee is planning a vigorous campaign in an effort to elect the first Democrat in the history of the currently all Republican Borough Council, Mr. Thomas said.

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