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Public Safety, Better Roads Continue to Be Top Concerns Of Councilwoman Weinstein

WESTFIELD — During her three years as the Fourth Ward’s voice in town affairs, Westfield Fourth Ward CouncilwomanJanisFriedWeinstein said she has tried to build a reputa tion as an elected official who is responsive to her constituency and effective in bringing about improve ment in the areas of public safety, better roads and a greener Westfield.

“Ihavealways believedthatpartof being a good leader and a good pub lic servant is being a good listener. An open line of communication be tween my constituents and I is criti cal in making the kind of improve ments that residents need and want,” said Councilwoman Weinstein.

Mrs. Weinstein said she was re cently asked by concerned parents to address the traffic situation at Westfield HighSchool.Workingwith the Westfield Police Department, she was able to secure a new crossing guard to help students cross the busy intersection of Dorian Road and Rahway Avenue.

Earlier this year, Mrs. Weinstein worked to have traffic calming strips installed at Dorian Road and Scotch Plains Avenue to reduce this intersection’s high accident rate. Neighbors, she said, have reported that this measure has proven to be effective in reducing speed and alert ing drivers of the approaching inter section.

“We have not had any accidents since the traffic calming strips were installed,” said Councilwoman Weinstein, who has worked on traf fic calming as a member of both the council’s Public Safety Committee

the Transportation, Parking and Committee. “We must expand our efforts throughout the Fourth Ward and the entire community to make our roads and sidewalks safer. I will continue

work to make walking and biking safer for everyone in Westfield –

for our children,” she said. the tragic deaths of several

in town over the past public safety is clearly a top issue for Westfield residents.”

CouncilwomanWeinstein,whohas also served on the Recreation Com mission for three years, said she has “ensured that our parks are better maintained and are safer.”

Lastyear, shehadpublictelephones installed at several of the town’s municipal parks and fields. In case of an injury or other emergency, sports team coaches or children will save crucial minutes in summoning help.

Councilwoman Weinstein also worked to have a lightning detector installed at the Memorial Park Com plex, making Westfield the first mu nicipality in the state to install such a device.

She said she plans to expand cov erage to every park and field in town to provide the best possible protec tion for residents.

“Lightning kills more people ev ery year than tornadoes and hurri canes combined. Other communities in New Jersey have experienced the tragedy of people killed or seriously injured because lightning has struck without warning,” said Council woman Weinstein.

“Just as Westfield was first in the state with a bicycle helmet law, we lead again in protecting our chil dren. This is new technology that I believe you will see more towns take advantageofto bestserveandprotect the public,” the councilwoman ex plained.

Mrs.Weinstein saidshehasworked with boththeRecreationDepartment and the parents of youth league par ticipants to improve the conditions, and in some cases, renovate Westfield’s playing fields.

“As our youth population grows larger, we must ensure we devote the resourcesnecessary tokeepthefields safe and playable,” Mrs. Weinstein concluded in her weekly campaign release.

Claire Lazarowitz Backs Naming Streets After Vets REMEMBERING OUR FALLEN VETERANS... Peter Hogaboom, excom

mander of the Martin Wallberg Post No. 3 of the American Legion, and Claire Lazarowitz, Democratic candidate for the Third Ward Town Council seat, are working together to recognize local fallen veterans through a street signage program.

WESTFIELD — Claire Lazarowitz, the Democratic can didate running for Westfield’s Third Ward Town Council seat, announced she will advocate rec ognizing Westfield’s fallen veter ans of all wars through naming local streets in their memory.

“Westfield with its strong sense of caring and community is a per fect town to launch a street nam ing program as a tribute to our fallen veterans and as a source of pride for their families and friends,” Ms. Lazarowitz said.

“We presently honor all local World War I veterans on selected street signs, which feature gold stars on them. We can expand this program by adding a ‘street name rider sign’ above or below an ex isting sign in the neighborhood where each fallen veteran lived,” the candidate said.

Having recently met Peter Hogaboom, excommander of the Martin Wallberg Post No. 3 of the American Legion and Chaplain of Vietnam Veterans of America,

Chapter No. 688, Ms. Lazarowitz said she became aware of his in terest in the streetnaming pro gram.

She learned about one fallen Vietnam War veteran, First Lieu tenant Arthur Clifton Retzlaff, whose father still lives at 141 Clo ver Street, the only house on the block. Ms. Lazarowitz suggests that this be the first Westfield street to receive a streetrider sign. It would carry the lieutenant’s name.

If elected, Ms. Lazarowitz said she would work to have this ommendation approved by the

Town Council. She would also enand courage residents to provide inTraffic formation regarding local fallen veterans from all wars who would be honored. Fundraising efforts for the project would be handled by Mr. Hogaboom once the proto posal is approved.

Ms. Lazarowitz will face incumespecially bent Republican Third Ward Coun“With cilman Neil F. Sullivan in the Genpedestrians eral election on Tuesday, Novemyear, ber 2.

More Campaign News on Page 8

Frank Rossi Says Township Successfully Weathered Storm

SCOTCH PLAINS—FrankRossi, the Republican candidate for Scotch Plains Township Council offered re marksonhis perceptionofhowScotch Plains dealt with the effects of Hurri caneFloyd.

“First of all, I think we can all be very thankful that no Scotch Plains resident was seriously injured as a result of this storm,” said Mr. Rossi.

“Considering what happened in some other New Jersey communities, we were fortunate. Your heart has to go out to those of our residents that were displaced from their homes and sufferedpropertydamage asaresultof flooding though,” the candidate con tinued.

Mr. Rossi also commented on the efforts of Scotch Plains emergency personnel during this very stressful period.

“Once again, I believe we are fortu nate to have the highly qualified and committed emergency response team that we enjoy in Scotch Plains. My hat goes off to Police Chief Tom O’Brien, FireChief JonathanEllis,Presidentof the Rescue Squad Bob Gurske, Public Works Director Walt DiNizo and all theirstaff,both paidandvolunteer,for their efforts to keep our residents out of harm’s way and to restore the town to a safe and manageable condition.

“Manyof ourvolunteerswentabove andbeyondthecall ofdutybyassisting in neighboring communities when the call for help came. I know that Scotch PlainsEmergencyManagementCoor dinator Don Wormley held meetings withtownship officialswellinadvance of the storm and it is evident that they wereall ready,”commentedMr.Rossi.

The candidate added, “It is also my recunderstanding that Councilman Bill

McClintock was our representative in amajor conferencecallwithCongress manBob Franks,officialsfromFEMA, andrepresentatives frommorethan30 other communities in the aftermath of the storm.”

“Mr.McClintock wasabletoobtain information on how the township and its residents would be able to take advantage of federal disaster relief fundsinthe comingweeks,”Mr.Rossi continued.

The candidate went on to say that there are other factors that prevented the flooding from causing additional damage.

“I was a teenager in the early 70s when the area suffered significant flooding.I rememberthatScotchPlains suffered far more damage than this time around, and lives were lost in neighboringcommunities,”Mr.Rossi revealed.

“We can be thankful that since that time,our electedofficialsinitiatedsev eralcorrectiveactions inthelocalflood plain that have diminished the effects of subsequent major storms. In that regard,Ithinkit isincumbentuponour elected officials of today to make fur ther strides in the Green Brook Flood Plan,” he said.

“The U. S. Army Corps. of Engi neers have made several recommen dationsonhow todiminishfloodingin the area,” the candidate said, noting that if elected he would “push to re open the flood control dialogue with ourneighbors upinBerkeleyHeights.”

“This is where much of the storm water originates, and if serious efforts are made there, communities from Scotch Plains to Bound Brook would benefit in a big way,” Mr. Rossi con cluded.

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